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Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship is official for WWE SummerSlam 2020 on Aug. 23.

McIntyre accepted Orton’s challenge on WWE Raw and was RKO’ed at the end of the show. McIntyre vs. Orton is the tentative main event of WWE’s biggest pay-per-view of the summer, but the location has yet to be confirmed.

Per’s Mike Johnson, WWE is contemplating hosting SummerSlam on a ship, similar to Chris Jericho’s cruise that hosted All Elite Wrestling’s AEW Dynamite on TNT in January (pre-apocalypse).

A SummerSlam held on a boat sounds fun under normal circumstances, but WWE hasn’t proven it can contain COVID-19 in a supposedly controlled environment. I’m not sure you can trust Vince McMahon to ensure a cruise won’t become a COVID-19 hotbed similar to the Diamond Princess. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states in its own words:

What is already known about this topic?

Cruise ships are often settings for outbreaks of infectious diseases because of their closed environment and contact between travelers from many countries.

What is added by this report?

More than 800 cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases occurred during outbreaks on three cruise ship voyages, and cases linked to several additional cruises have been reported across the United States. Transmission occurred across multiple voyages from ship to ship by crew members; both crew members and passengers were affected; 10 deaths associated with cruise ships have been reported to date.

What are the implications for public health practice?

Outbreaks of COVID-19 on cruise ships pose a risk for rapid spread of disease beyond the voyage. Aggressive efforts are required to contain spread. All persons should defer all cruise travel worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read the entire CDC report on COVID-19 transmission on cruise ships HERE.

As for McIntyre vs. Orton wherever it takes place (hopefully somewhere safe), something’s gotta give. Either McIntyre continues his impressive reign as WWE Champion or Orton wins his 14th World Title en route an eventual showdown with Edge.

Check out my thoughts on SummerSlam potentially on a ship:

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