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About This Sports Courier Podcast Episode 61: TSC News editor Fred Richani interviews his good friend Racha El-Dib, founder of Nadia’s Hope Foundation, which provides resources to educate people on domestic violence abuse and assists victims in need. Racha discusses pro wrestling’s Speaking Out movement, how her late sister Nadia El-Dib became the inspiration for the foundation, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about abuse and the culture that allows it to foster in society. This is an extremely candid and informative conversation you should all tune in to — especially our fellow men!

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Fred Richani interviews Nadia’s Hope Foundation founder Racha El-Dib

Racha El-Dib Interview Time Stamps:

  • 00:45 Nadia’s Hope Foundation, Nadia El-Dib
  • 01:28 #SpeakingOut movement
  • 03:28 Why do victims not go to police?
  • 06:23 Rape culture
  • 09:37 Men experiencing abuse
  • 10:21 Gaslighting
  • 12:14 Psychological games abusers play (i.e. Joey Ryan, Jimmy Havoc)
  • 14:03 Preventative and combative measures against abuse
  • 18:10 Consent
  • 20:14 Advice
  • 22:43 Find Nadia’s Hope Foundation online

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