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Sasha Banks is finally, officially Two Belts Banks.

Banks defeated Asuka on the July 27 edition of Monday Night Raw to win her fifth WWE Raw Women’s Championship and eighth title in WWE overall — via countout.

You read that correctly.

Last week on Raw, Stephanie McMahon announced Asuka vs. Banks with the stipulation that there must be a winner no matter what — following their inconclusive Raw Women’s Title Match at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Towards the end of Asuka vs. Banks on Raw, Bayley was shown slamming Kairi Sane’s head against the garage door backstage. Asuka chose to run to the back to save Sane, causing her to get counted out and giving Banks the title win. This turns out to be Sane’s last appearance, as confirmed by the wrestler herself via Twitter:

Congratulations to Sane on a fantastic WWE run. Despite the creative setbacks and injuries, Sane made the most out of her time and entertained many fans, especially with Asuka as part of the Kabuki Warriors.

As for the title change — I’m very happy Sasha Banks is once again the Raw Women’s Champion, but would’ve preferred a straight up pinfall or submission win. Then again, Christian once defeated Randy Orton for his second WWE World Heavyweight Championship by disqualification and Vickie Guerrero awarded Dolph Ziggler his first World Title a week after being pinned cleaned by Edge — so there’s obviously worse ways to win WWE gold.

Congratulations to Two Belts Banks and Bayley Dos Straps — your reigning WWE Raw, SmackDown, and Women’s Tag Team Champions! And congrats to Asuka and the women’s champs for being WWE’s MVPs during this creatively rough time.

Think about how boring Raw and SmackDown would without these three…

Actually, don’t. Just appreciate it while it lasts.

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