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Multiple WWE personnel including active in-ring wrestlers have tested positive for COVID-19 per

UPDATE 6/25/20 – 11:44am/ET: WWE announcers Renee Young and Kayla Braxton, as well as producer Adam Pearce confirm they are COVID-19 positive. Braxton also confirms she was WWE’s first positive case back in March.

UPDATE 7:30pm/ET: Dave Meltzer reports WWE has not informed its talent and staff about positive tests, meaning they all found out like us on the internet. Insanity…. Original story below:

UPDATE 6:47pm/ET:’s Mike Johnson reports one source believes positive tests are possibly in the “TWO DOZEN RANGE.” Wrestlers/staff, whether you union or not, now is the time to stand up for yourselves and your family because clearly, WWE has shown you they don’t care about your health and safety. Not enough to justify the massive health risks anyway.

WWE recently confirmed its second positive test after inexplicably NOT TESTING ANY TALENT AND STAFF UNTIL THIS PAST WEEK.

You read that right.

Many fans and media members (myself included) have been highly critical of WWE’s lackadaisical approach towards COVID-19 preventative measures. While WWE did previously confirm it was conducting temperature checks and deep cleanings of its Orlando Performance Center venue, that pales in comparison to the stringent testing conducted by the UFC and All Elite Wrestling.

Whereas WWE hasn’t even mentioned the pandemic on its airwaves, UFC and AEW have openly discussed testing, safety measures, and positive tests on-air and via social media.

Via Pro Wrestling Sheet: “Our sources say more testing will now be done by WWE’s medical team before this week’s TV production to make sure the virus has not spread amongst talent/behind the scenes workers.”

Considering there’s already at least three positive tests per PWS’ Ryan Satin, “more testing” sounds a little too late by WWE. Yes, it’s great more testing is being done, but if you’re an “essential sports/entertainment business” AND publicly traded company operating during a PANDEMIC, safety measures need to be PROACTIVE — not reactive.

As of press time, the status of this week’s SmackDown TV taping is unknown given the circumstances.

We sincerely wish a healthy and speedy recovery to everyone infected. I’m sorry Vince McMahon is/was negligent with your health. Again.

Time to shut it all down until WWE can truly guarantee the safety of all involved.

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