About The Sports Courier Podcast Episode 63: TSC News editor Fred Richani interviews legendary combat sports journalist Dave Meltzer about his decorated media career, founding the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, working with Bryan Alvarez on F4WOnline, WWE’s downward trend, AEW outperforming WWE NXT in ratings, the UFC’s 2020 boom period, how life has changed during the pandemic, his favorite football players growing up, the Las Vegas Raiders, why Vince McMahon should step down as WWE Chairman, Al Davis comparisons, whether or not his abs are still better than John Morrison’s, his advice for success, and much more!

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Dave Meltzer on WWE vs. AEW Ratings, Legendary CareerTSC Podcast #63

Dave Meltzer Interview Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Dave Meltzer on how pandemic changed his life
  • 02:37 Dave Meltzer on Dana White’s handling of COVID-19, WWE negligence
  • 03:28 Dave Meltzer on WWE’s lack of fan interest
  • 04:34 Dave Meltzer on WWE ratings downward trend, AEW Dynamite
  • 07:08 Dave Meltzer on WWE running shows during pandemic
  • 08:31 Dave Meltzer’s solution for WWE ratings
  • 09:43 Dave Meltzer on no WWE dream matches
  • 11:10 Dave Meltzer on UFC’s new boom period
  • 13:20 How does Dave Meltzer stay sane?
  • 15:51 Dave Meltzer on pro wrestling’s life lessons
  • 17:06 Dave Meltzer on Frank Deford
  • 19:45 Dave Meltzer on learning from wrestling promoters, great wrestlers
  • 20:18 Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Newsletter success
  • 21:57 Dave Meltzer on entrepreneurship, biggest fears
  • 24:19 Dave Meltzer’s favorite cheat meal
  • 25:47 Does Dave Meltzer have better abs than John Morrison? (Johnny Mundo)
  • 27:54 Dave Meltzer’s favorite football players growing up
  • 28:59 Dave Meltzer on Oakland Raiders
  • 29:21 Dave Meltzer on Las Vegas Raiders
  • 30:58 Dave Meltzer on Vince McMahon, Raiders owner Al Davis
  • 31:43 Dave Meltzer on Vince McMahon stepping down from WWE
  • 32:20 Dave Meltzer on Triple H, WWE sale
  • 33:01 Dave Meltzer on Paul Levesque’s WWE NXT losing to All Elite Wrestling
  • 34:30 Dave Meltzer on work life balance with F4W
  • 35:24 Dave Meltzer’s advice for success
  • 38:03 Dave Meltzer on career, Wrestling Observer readers

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