About The Sports Courier Podcast Episode 69: TSC News TV host Fred Richani interviews rising Ring of Honor wrestling star Sledge (Brian Campbell) about his inspirational journey to ROH, overcoming addiction, how his best friend AJ Kirsch and WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin saved his life, as well as his love for streaming, video games, being mentored by WWE legend David “Gangrel” Heath, and his craziest moments in the ring!

Special thanks to Sledge, ROH Wrestling, and Marc Kruskol of MJK PR. You can listen to our interview on Spotify, YouTube, FacebookSoundCloud, or wherever you get your podcasts.

  • 00:00 Sledge on signing with ROH in 2020 before chaos
  • 05:17 Sledge on ROH Bubble, weight loss
  • 07:41 Sledge on working on ROH road crew
  • 10:19 Sledge on broadcasting, getting into wrestling
  • 13:29 Sledge on joining Ring of Honor Wrestling
  • 19:34 Sledge on Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast, AJ Kirsch
  • 23:10 Sledge on Steve Austin friendship, promos
  • 27:07 Sledge on big men, ring rust, Brian Johnson, O’Shay Edwards
  • 30:18 Sledge’s favorite video game
  • 30:58 Sledge on funniest ROH wrestler
  • 31:43 Sledge on Matt Taven rib
  • 33:27 Sledge on ROH locker room
  • 34:08 Sledge’s favorite restaurant
  • 36:10 Sledge on most awkward wrestling moment
  • 39:10 Sledge on working for Paige’s family in England, WAW
  • 42:52 Sledge on wrestling comedy, acting
  • 44:16 Sledge on Gangrel’s advice
  • 45:46 Follow Sledge online!

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