TSC News TV host Fred Richani interviews WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page about his lead role in Adi Shankar’s The Guardians of Justice on Netflix, his popular podcast with Jake The Snake Roberts, retirement, John Morrison, his thoughts on AEW stars Sting, Sammy Guevara, and Darby Allin, as well as Cody Rhodes’ next move, memories of Dusty Rhodes, and all things DDP Yoga! Note: This interview was recorded prior to the passing of DDP’s close friend Scott Hall.

DDP Interview Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 DDP on The Guardians of Justice
  • 06:05 DDP on Night Hawk, Adi Shankar
  • 09:05 DDP on John Morrison, Adi Shankar
  • 11:27 DDP on Guardians’ underlying themes
  • 13:09 DDP on being Deadpool before Deadpool
  • 14:24 DDP on DDPY docuseries
  • 21:51 DDP on Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts
  • 23:40 DDP on favorite late night snack
  • 24:34 DDP on Bron Breakker, Drew McIntyre
  • 25:15 Awkward moments filming The Guardians of Justice
  • 25:47 Favorite Guardians of Justice character
  • 26:33 DDP on Sting, retirement, wrestler safety
  • 27:21 DDP on Darby Allin
  • 28:57 DDP on Sammy Guevara, risk taking
  • 30:05 DDP on Cody Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes
  • 33:17 DDP’s advice for success and happiness
  • 38:48 DDP on Jake’s Snake Pit Podcast, upcoming projects

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