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WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Review and Recap by Fred Richani

WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules (terrible PPV name) takes place tonight at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL and airs live on WWE Network.

WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Results:

Kickoff Show: Kevin Owens defeated Buddy Murphy. Looks like Murphy will NOT get involved in the Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins match later tonight.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tables Match: Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro defeated The New Day (c) – Kofi Kingston and Big E to win the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Good opener. Finish came when Cesaro and Nakamura hit a top rope powerbomb on Kingston through two tables on the outside. Kingston laid for minutes as we go backstage.

Cesaro is now a seven-time WWE Tag Team Champion and has held nine major tag titles overall if you include his two reigns with Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) in Ring of Honor. Put this man in the tag team specialist Hall of Fame. This is Nakamura’s first tag team championship win in WWE.

Backstage, Alexa Bliss, Kairi Sane, and WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka hype up Nikki Cross before her match with Bayley. The Kabuki Warriors tell Cross even if she loses, they’ll still be friends. Welp.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) defeated Nikki Cross (w/ Alexa Bliss). Bliss and Sasha Banks are at ringside. Cross begins the match running wild a million miles an hour. Cross gets a nearfall after a couple crossbodies.

Bayley slows Cross down after slamming her into the plexiglass outside. Bayley traps Cross in the ring apron, but Cross goes crazy and ends up on the other side of the ring. Cross traps Bayley herself before getting back in the ring. Cross hits the old school Bayley elbow in the corner with the pose and all and tried to lock in the Banks Statement. Bayley hits her old finisher Bayley to Belly suplex, but Cross kicks out at two.

Bayley hits a superplex on Cross for the two count. Cross gets a Schoolgirl pin, but Bayley kicks out. Cross kicks out of a counter pin attempt. Bayley goes outside to hug Banks and then slides across the ring post, but Cross catches her. Cross hits a Scorpion Death Drop reverse DDT. Both women struggle to their feet. Cross makes her comeback and hits the running bulldog. Cross goes up to up top, but Bayley ducks underneath. Cross strikes Bayley, but the champ kicks out. Back suplex by Cross. And another. Two count.

Cross goes up top, but is knocked down by Bayley. Two count for Bayley. Bayley runs at Cross in the corner, but Cross moves out of the way. Bayley hits the middle turnbuckle. Cross hits a neckbreaker from the apron onto the outside. Back in the ring, Cross and Bayley trade clotheslines in the ring. Bayley kicks out. Banks distracts the ref and throws Bayley “The Boss” ring to use. Bayley hits Cross with the ring in the ribs and faceplant for the win. Another great Bayley title match!

WWE United States Championship: Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP – Montel Vontavious Porter (with Bobby Lashley) did NOT happen.

The announcers tell us Crews couldn’t complete his prematch physical due to Lashley’s Full Nelson on him a month ago that caused a bulging disc. Either Crews is really injured or has COVID-19 and neither of those things is good. Whatever the reason, tough break for Crews. MVP comes out with Lashley to put themselves over and them awards himself the new WWE United States Championship. MVP wins the WWE U.S. Title by forfeit. I think…

Eye for an Eye: Seth Rollins defeated Rey Mysterio – Loser loses an EYE?! Hopefully on a scale of The Chaperone to Boneyard Match, this at least falls into See No Evil range. As it turns out, this match is not cinematic, just stupid. The ring announcer Mike Rome says the ONLY WAY TO WIN IS TO EXTRACT SOMEONE’S EYE. Nothing like one of the all-time dumbest matches to make you question your life choices as a wrestling fan. No Dominik Mysterio at ringside.

Mysterio kicks off the match at a furious pace and even brings out PLIERS. Rollins fights back with a kendo stick. Rollins catches Mysterio moonsault. Mysterio goes for 619, but Rollins escapes and rams into Mysterio’s gut. These guys could’ve had such a great NORMAL match. What a shame.

Rollins hits a Falcon Arrow on Mysterio on the apron. That didn’t look great to take. Rollins tries to drive Mysterio’s eye into the steel steps like the original angle, but Mysterio fights off. Rollins beats Mysterio up in and out of the ring. Rollins tries to use the point of the chair on Mysterio and then tries to rip the eye off with his hands. Mysterio gets the chair, but Rollins tries to stab Mysterio with a pen. Mysterio hits a drop toehold on Rollins into the corner of the table. I still can’t believe we’re supposed to believe someone loses an eyeball. Did I mention Mysterio has a TOOLBOX?!

Rollins grabs ropes to tie Mysterio up, but then returns to the ring. Rollins beats Mysterio down with a kendo stick. Announcers Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and even Samoa Joe are way to normal-sounding for a match that ends in mutilation. Rollins sets up the kendo stick in corner, but Mysterio fights off and hits his Eddie Guerrero tribute frog splash. I pray Eddie ain’t watching this in heaven. Mysterio goes after Rollins eye, but Rollins sends Mysterio up in air and face first on the mat.

Rollins goes for the curb stomp, but misses. Mysterio hits Rollins with a tornado DDT. Mysterio grabs the kendo stick. Rollins sets up Mysterio for an electric chair onto outside, but Mysterio reverses into a sunset powerbomb into the barricade. And Mysterio hits another after diving under the bottom rope. Mysterio breaks the kendo stick in half and stabs Rollins left eye, but the Monday Night Messiah manages to fight him off for a second. Mysterio hits a 619.

They fight outside and Mysterio hits a curb stomp of his own on Rollins. Rollins’ eye is drive into the steps, but he magically keeps his eye closed and hits Mysterio with a knee, followed by a curb stomp. Still no Dominik. Rollins smushes Mysterio’s “bad eye” that’s already covered by the eye patch. Mysterio says the eye is out, so match is stopped. Rollins immediately VOMITS. I have no idea if it was fake throwup or Rollins making himself do so, but either way, utterly disgusting and unnecessary spot for a disgusting, unnecessary match. These guys tried so hard, but even Steve Austin and Ric Flair in their primes couldn’t save this crap. And where the hell is Dominik?!

Believe it or not, they briefly showed Mysterio’s “eyeball” because creepy Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard can’t help themselves.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks (sort of) defeated Asuka (c) to win the Raw Women’s Title after Bayley counted the pin. Bayley and Kairi Sane are at ringside. These women are doing their best to save this show, but I feel nearly mentally done after the EYE FOR AN EYE match. Not surprisingly, Asuka and Banks have a fantastic match. There was a scary spot where Asuka German suplexed Banks off the top rope, but Banks barely landed on her feet and hit double knees.

The finish got so wacky. Bayley took out Sane outside. Bayley distracted the ref and tried to use the tag title belt. Banks tapped to the Asuka Lock, but ref didn’t see it. Ref caught Bayley. Asuka head kicked Bayley. Banks tried to use the belt. Asuka went to green mist Banks, but blew it in the ref’s face by accident. Bayley attacks Asuka from behind, puts on the ref’s shirt, and counts the pin for Banks. The announcers are just as confused as everyone else. What the hell?

To make this night weirder/worse, Kevin Rudolf? is revealed to be the official theme song of Extreme Rules in 2020. Kevin Rudolf? Meanwhile backstage, Charly Caruso tells us there’s a chance Mysterio’s eye can be saved by doctors. The main blame for this horrific storyline goes to Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard, but it’s absolutely appalling that Seth Rollins didn’t shoot down this idea from the start. So much for being a top guy and using your influence for good. Embarrassing on so many levels.

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) defeated Dolph Ziggler in an Extreme Rules match to retain the WWE Title. McIntyre could lose the title if he was counted out or disqualified, but a Claymore Kick quelled all worries of that. They gave Ziggler a ton of offense, but it’s so tough to buy him as a serious challenger after years of start/stop pushes and him not even winning a number one contender’s match to earn a title shot. That being said, this was a good match, but not quite PPV main event level. I’m assuming Randy Orton is next in line for McIntyre.

Non-title SWAMP FIGHT: Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt defeated WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman in a non-title match. Strowman confronts Wyatt in the Swamp. Strowman gets spooked by a shadow of his former self and ends up chained to a chair. This is killing my brain cells. Wyatt talks to Strowman for an eternity and brings him a snake. I turn away for a second and see Strowman escape and set a nameless man on fire. Out of no where, we see Alexa Bliss’ spirit bring up flashbacks of their teased romance in Mixed Match Challenge a couple years ago.

We then see Wyatt appear and get knocked out by Strowman on a boat? I have no idea what’s going on. The boat somehow floats back towards Strowman as dramatic music continues to blare. No Wyatt in sight. Wyatt reappears. Strowman gets knocked down. Wyatt beats him with some type of stick. Strowman rises from the dead. Strowman kicks Wyatt in the water. Strowman said it’s over — until Wyatt locks in a mandible claw and brings him down with him. The Fiend Bray Wyatt rises from the swamp, which means Strowman loses the match. I think.

Overall, an all-time terrible WWE PPV that will likely drive away some of the few fans the company has left.

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