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Former WWE wrestler Heath Slater (Heath Miller) made his Impact Wrestling debut in an unadvertised appearance on Saturday night’s Slammiversary pay-per-view.

Slater, 37, cut a promo hinting he would team up with former WWE tag team partner Rhino (Rhyno) against the Rascalz or challenge for the Impact Wrestling World Championship in the main event.

Impact Wrestling star Rohit Raji interrupted Slater’s promo, only to be cleared out of the ring. Later in the show in a backstage segment, Slater reunited with Rhino, but was told to go home by Impact boss Scott D’Amore due to COVID-19 restrictions. Rhino told Slater to return this Tuesday for Impact Wrestling on AXS TV/Twitch.

We should note Slater was wearing a “Free Agent” shirt, hinting he hasn’t signed an exclusive deal with Impact Wrestling at this time. Check out the complete video of his Impact Wrestling debut from @GifSkullV:

Fast Facts about Heath Slater:

  • Former WWE superstar (2006-2009 in developmental, 2010-2020 on main roster)
  • Three-time WWE World Tag Team Champion with Justin Gabriel as part of The Nexus
  • First-ever SmackDown Tag Team Champion with Rhyno
  • Former WWE 24/7 Champion

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