TSC News host Fred Richani recaps the WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 results featuring Roman Reigns destroying the Usos, Sasha Banks vs. Bayley in a match years in the making, and three HIAC matches total! Plus: Some questionable booking with Tucker turning on Otis to secure The Miz his second WWE MITB win!

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WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 takes place Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020 at the empty WWE ThunderDome in Orlando, FL and airs live on the WWE Network.

WWE HIAC 2020 Results:

WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth (c) defeated Drew Gulak to retain the 24/7 Title on the HIAC Kickoff Show

Hell in a Cell “I Quit” Match for WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) (with Paul Heyman) defeated Jey Uso of Usos to retain the WWE Universal Title. Reigns attacked Jimmy Uso after the match and put him in a guillotine choke. Reigns celebrated with the legendary Wild Samoans (his father Sika and uncle Afa) as the Usos are officially exiled out of the Anoa’i wrestling family dynasty. Phenomenal acting and emotion by all involved here. Heyman felt so bad for Uso that he even begged Reigns to stopping the assault.

Elias defeated Jeff Hardy via disqualification. Hardy got DQ’ed after hitting Elias with a guitar. A very bland Monday Night Raw TV match.

WWE Money in The Bank Contract Match: The Miz (with John Morrison) defeated Otis ( with former Heavy Machinery tag team partner Tucker) to win the WWE MITB contract. Tucker turned on Otis and hit him with the MITB briefcase, allowing Miz to get the pin and become a two-time MITB winner. It’s been 10 years since Miz can call himself Mr. MITB once again.

After the match, Miz cuts a promo backstage putting the Raw and SmackDown Champions on notice. Tucker says he doesn’t care for Miz and this is about Otis forgetting about Heavy Machinery when he’d be NOTHING without him. Otis attacked Miz and Morrison and ran off Tucker. So are Otis and Tucker going to feud even though they’re on separate brands? That WWE Draft huh…

Hell in a Cell Match for WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks defeated Bayley (c) to win the SmackDown Women’s Title for the first time and to finally win inside HIAC. This inexplicably isn’t the main event. Very physical matchup between the real life best friends. Some painful looking spots including a Bayley sunset flip powerbomb on Banks into the steel chair in the corner and Banks’ hitting Meteora knees on Bayley on the outside. Lots of nearfalls with Bayley escaping the Banks Statement multiple times and Banks kicking out of Bayley’s flying elbow smash.

Bayley ties Banks in between the ring apron and ring skirt to punish her with kendo stick shots. Bayley tries to do something with the kendo sticks, but they don’t comply. Banks blinds Bayley with a fire extinguisher and slams her into the Cell walls multiple times over. Meteora knees. Back in the ring, Banks beats the hell out of Bayley with a kendo stick! Bayley crawls to the steel chair on the mat as Banks stomps her out and hits a frog splash… But Bayley gets the chair up! Bayley slams Banks’ face against the floor outside and gets a ladder from underneath the ring!

Bayley sets up a ladder in between two chairs and slams her face/chest first onto the steel in the ring. Banks lays across the ladder as Bayley spray paints her. Bayley flies off the middle rope with the steel chair, but Banks moves! Banks hits Meteora knees off the chair into Bayley in the corner, followed by a Belly to Bayley on the ladder for a two count. Bayley counters, hits a knee, and Bayley to Belly on Banks. Kick out! Bayley grabs the steel chair and smashes it on Banks’ back.

Banks trips Bayley into the chair and uses it around Bayley’s face to submit her with the Banks Statement for the win! Great callback from their legendary NXT TakeOver Brooklyn match with Banks kicking Bayley’s face the Role Model taps out! Fantastic match.

Bobby Lashley defeated Slapjack of Retribution to retain the WWE United States Title. Retribution loses again! The Hurt Business brawls with Mustafa Ali’s band of misfits who lose all the time after the match.

The Undertaker will appear at Survivor Series 2020 next month to celebrate 30 years in WWE. So much for Undertaker’s retirement…

Hell in a Cell Match for WWE Championship: Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre (c) to win the WWE Title. Heck of a match as you would expect. Orton attacks McIntyre from behind to start the match. McIntyre fires back. McIntyre takes a ton of punishment including courtesy of a steel chair, but keeps kicking out and unleashes hell (no pun intended) on the Legend Killer. McIntyre hits Orton with a T-bone suplex through the table outside the ring. Orton wants out or so it seems, using bolt cutters to escape the Cell. McIntyre chases and attacks him. Orton climbs up to the top of the Cell as McIntyre follows him. Orton uses a steel pipe he apparently snuck up there somehow. They brawl. Orton takes out McIntyre’s leg. The referee is still in the ring.

Orton tries to climb down. McIntyre follows Orton and tries to knock him down. Orton knocks McIntyre off the Cell wall as the WWE Champion falls through the announcers table! There’s either very real or very fake blood coming out of McIntyre’s mouth as he loudly writhes in pain. McIntyre crawls back into the Cell like the fighting champion he is. Orton stalks McIntyre back in the ring. McIntyre backslides Orton ala SummerSlam, but this time for a nearfall. McIntyre hits Orton with a Claymore kick, but Orton rolls out of the ring!

Back in the ring, McIntyre misses the Claymore. Orton hits an RKO for the clean pin to become a 14-time WWE World Champion! Excellent match and incredible career rebirth in 2020 for Mr. RKO. Who would’ve expected it?!

Orton ties Triple H for the second-most WWE World Title’s at 14 behind John Cena’s 16. Overall, a hell of a show and the fourth consecutive good WWE PPV despite pretty boring to terrible Raw shows the last few months.

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