WWE Champion Drew McIntyre tests positive for COVID-19 per WWE.com.

This is the first time WWE has publicly announced a positive test of a wrestler, on-air talent, or employee of any kind since the pandemic.

WWE has been widely criticized for its handling of the pandemic or lack thereof, with the company not even bothering to provide COVID-19 testing until months after the worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

We don’t know McIntyre’s health status and availability for his Royal Rumble matchup with Bill Goldberg — beyond him going into quarantine. What we do know is it’s bizarre WWE is making McIntyre’s positive test public. Either WWE grew a conscious overnight after donating millions to an Insurrectionist in Chief or McIntyre is believed to be out long enough to cause the company to go public.

Whatever the case may be, hopefully McIntyre has a speedy and safe recovery. And considering the dozens of legends WWE brought in for last week’s “Legends Night” themed Monday Night Raw, hopefully McIntyre’s is the only positive test.

Update: Drew McIntyre confirms he is thankfully suffering no symptoms.

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