About The Sports Courier Podcast Episode 62: TSC News editor Fred Richani interviews Chelsea Caldwell and Jake Norton, stars of HBO Max’s new video game-themed reality dating series “Happily Ever Avatar!” Jake and Chelsea discuss meeting through World of Warcraft, the challenges 2020 has posed, why WoW remains awesome all these years later, the local Esports scene, their newfound fame on HBO Max, and of course, their favorite video games! Happily Ever Avatar is streaming now on HBO Max!

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Fred Richani interviews Jake and Chelsea of Stage 13’s Happily Ever Avatar

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Happily Ever Avatar on HBO Max
  • 02:45 Meeting through World of Warcraft
  • 04:50 Getting cast on Happily Ever Avatar
  • 06:05 Reality TV fame
  • 09:30 Maintaining a long distance relationship through WOW
  • 11:49 Kansas City, MO vs. Kansas City, KS
  • 12:53 Esports fighting game community
  • 13:49 Video games and mental health, Animal Crossing
  • 16:20 Esports tournaments, Twitch streaming
  • 19:40 All-time favorite video games
  • 20:55 All-time favorite video game console
  • 21:40 Nintendo Online’s lack of N64 games, Gamecube
  • 22:51 Favorite video game character
  • 23:36 Hardest video game boss
  • 24:00 Cats
  • 24:50 Why people should watch Happily Ever Avatar

About Happily Ever Avatar on HBO Max, produced by Stage 13: Follow three young couples that meet playing games online through their avatars. From long-distance lovers meeting IRL for the first time, to happy couples who are faced with the next stage of their relationship, see how they all play the game called love. Can these relationship n00bs level up their relationship status, or will it be game over?

About Jake and Chelsea: Jake and Chelsea met six years ago playing World of Warcraft. After an initial dislike of each other, they bonded during an all night raid that left the two of them talking constantly. After months of nonstop communication, they officially became a couple…before ever meeting in person. Then after living together in California for two years, Jake’s job takes him to Kansas and Chelsea decides to join him. On HAPPILY EVER AVATAR, Jake and Chelsea adjust to life together in Kansas. Jake is content with his virtual friends while Chelsea is homesick and wants to make friends IRL. Despite their social life, both know they want to be together forever, but is Chelsea more ready for marriage than Jake?

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