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TSC News TV host Fred Richani interviews actor Jon McLaren about playing Star-Lord / Peter Quill in the award-winning Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy video game, getting into acting, his love for gaming, memories of his role in The Covenant, and what’s next for his promising career!

Jon McLaren Interview Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Meet Jon McLaren
  • 00:43 Jon McLaren on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy video game
  • 02:44 Jon McLaren on playing Peter Quill, Star-Lord
  • 03:44 Jon McLaren on Marvel casting process with GOTG
  • 06:36 Jon McLaren on how pandemic affected Guardians of the Galaxy
  • 07:31 Jon McLaren on Guardians of the Galaxy cast
  • 09:17 Jon McLaren on video game voiceover work, motion capturing
  • 10:58 Jon McLaren on voice acting vs. screen and theater acting
  • 12:01 Jon McLaren on acting career, modeling
  • 13:26 Jon McLaren on becoming a working actor
  • 14:32 Jon McLaren on Canadian film/TV industry, streaming
  • 15:32 Jon McLaren on self tapes, auditions
  • 17:21 Jon McLaren’s favorites
  • 18:03 Jon McLaren’s favorite video game and console
  • 20:18 Jon McLaren on GOTG’s linear narrative, open world games
  • 21:59 Jon McLaren on playing patty cake with Jennifer Lawrence
  • 22:52 Jon McLaren on The Covenant
  • 23:58 Jon McLaren on voice acting, screen acting
  • 25:13 Jon McLaren on advice for success
  • 26:21 Follow Jon McLaren on social media!

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