About The Sports Courier Podcast Episode 66: TSC News host Fred Richani interviews legendary Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon about his fantastic NFL career, winning a Super Bowl with the unforgettable 1985 Bears, the infamous Super Bowl Shuffle music video, overcoming injuries and long-term effects of concussions, his Hall of Fame level tenure at BYU, how he started out as a PUNTER, and life after football in this candid, entertaining interview!

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Jim McMahon Interview Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Jim McMahon on his 2020
  • 01:10 Jim McMahon on his health
  • 02:14 Jim McMahon on concussions
  • 02:47 Jim McMahon on if he played in today’s NFL
  • 03:34 Jim McMahon on Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid
  • 04:29 Jim McMahon on 1985 Chicago Bears, 35th anniversary
  • 05:25 Jim McMahon on Super Bowl Shuffle
  • 08:05 Jim McMahon on Super Bowl 20 win, Walter Payton
  • 09:39 Jim McMahon on Bears quarterback problems, Mitchell Trubisky, Nick Foles
  • 10:43 Jim McMahon on Chicago sports fans
  • 10:56 Jim McMahon on Pro Football Hall of Fame, Super Bowl
  • 12:34 Jim McMahon on being half blind, disability
  • 15:03 Jim McMahon on injuries, Eagles, Comeback Player of The Year
  • 17:11 Jim McMahon on NFL’s treatment of retired players
  • 18:17 Jim McMahon on concussion lawsuit vs. NFL
  • 19:11 Jim McMahon’s favorite midnight snack
  • 19:32 Jim McMahon on being a punter at BYU
  • 20:05 Jim McMahon on baseball career, punting
  • 21:45 Jim McMahon on playing baseball and football
  • 22:20 Jim McMahon on traveling, moving to Utah
  • 23:10 Jim McMahon on funniest NFL teammate
  • 24:01 Jim McMahon on what he wishes he knew before NFL career
  • 24:43 Jim McMahon’s life advice

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