TSC News TV host Fred Richani interviews former NFL quarterback Quincy Carter about his road to recovery with BRC, mentoring the athletes of today, overcoming his demons, his college career with the Georgia Bulldogs, his pro stint with the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets, playing under legendary head coach Bill Parcells, maintaining a great relationship with his coaches, and being a family man! This is one honest, inspiring interview you have to check out!

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Quincy Carter Interview Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Reintroducing Quincy Carter
  • 00:39 Quincy Carter on BRC Recovery Centers, mentorship program
  • 03:06 Quincy Carter on road to recovery, overcoming demons
  • 05:58 Quincy Carter on football camps, coaches
  • 07:17 Quincy Carter on Sean Payton, Bill Parcells, past coaches
  • 08:42 Quincy Carter on Bill Parcells, Dallas Cowboys career
  • 10:00 Quincy Carter on playing for Dallas Cowboys, NFL career
  • 11:58 Quincy Carter on today’s NFL, quarterback friendly league
  • 13:22 Quincy Carter on favorite cheat meal, favorite teammates
  • 14:48 Quincy Carter on funniest teammate
  • 15:10 Quincy Carter on playing for Georgia Bulldogs, NY Jets
  • 16:40 Quincy Carter’s hilarious Bill Parcells story
  • 17:35 Quincy Carter on Bill Parcells’ Tuna nickname
  • 18:13 Quincy Carter on SEC football teams’ dominance
  • 19:57 Quincy Carter on NIL deals, NCAA Football
  • 21:12 Quincy Carter on financial literacy, NFL / NCAA helping athletes
  • 22:27 Quincy Carter on NFL substance abuse program
  • 24:27 Quincy Carter on advice for success
  • 25:28 Quincy Carter on sons playing sports
  • 26:10 Quincy Carter football camp, social media

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