About The Sports Courier Episode 65: TSC News editor Fred Richani interviews former sports executive Eric Kussin, founder of We’re A Little Crazy, bringing together Athletes, Celebrities, and Expert Practitioners to raise awareness and help people in all things mental health. Kussin discusses his 15 year career as a sports executive, tumultuous downward spiral, what/who saved his life, founding We’re All A Little Crazy, linking up with athletes and celebrity supporters, why the media gets mental health stories so wrong, how to mentally cope through the pandemic, and why the Same Here Global Mental Health Movement is so important to him.

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Why Mental Health Matters in Sports and Life with Eric Kussin – TSC Podcast #65

Eric Kussin Interview Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Introducing Eric Kussin
  • 01:51 We’re All A Little Crazy, Same Here Movement
  • 04:11 Mental health organizations, media
  • 08:08 Eric Kussin on sports business career, why it ended
  • 23:37 Eric Kussin on downward spiral, overcoming depression
  • 33:45 How breathing and diet affect mental health
  • 37:21 Mental health tips for quarantine, pandemic
  • 42:44 Find Eric Kussin Online

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