TSC News TV host Fred Richani interviews casting director Hamzah Saman, CSA about founding Arab American Casting, becoming a prominent voice on Clubhouse, advocating for diversity in Hollywood, giving back, changing lives, overcoming MENA stereotypes, and his work on award-winning independent film Jacir! Plus: Saman on his favorite spots in Beirut, Lebanon and his acting and photography experience!

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Hamzah Saman, CSA Interview Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Meet casting director Hamzah Saman
  • 00:33 Hamzah Saman on Arab American Casting
  • 04:31 Hamzah Saman on casting misconceptions, growing pains
  • 06:13 Hamzah Saman on accessibility, Clubhouse
  • 07:55 Hamzah Saman on headshot photography
  • 08:21 Hamzah Saman on helping Arab American actors
  • 10:33 Hamzah Saman on being first Arab American casting director
  • 11:14 Hamzah Saman on grandmother
  • 11:47 Hamzah Saman on Clubhouse, being inclusive
  • 13:08 Hamzah Saman on overcoming Arab stereotypes
  • 14:13 Hamzah Saman on fostering Clubhouse community
  • 15:56 Hamzah Saman on diversity in Hollywood
  • 16:46 Hamzah Saman on work life balance
  • 17:32 Hamzah Saman on Jacir film, career
  • 19:29 Hamzah Saman on making a difference, respecting casting directors
  • 21:01 Hamzah Saman on how pandemic affected casting
  • 21:37 Hamzah Saman on helping actors
  • 23:24 Hamzah Saman on favorite Lebanese spots, food
  • 25:51 Hamzah Saman on favorite Arabic saying
  • 27:28 Hamzah Saman on advice for success
  • 30:31 Hamzah Saman on casting Jacir movie

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