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Fred Richani’s LIVE AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Recap

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AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Results – May 23, 2020 – Jacksonville, FL and airing live on BR Live PPV

Broadcast Notes: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur are on commentary. As has been the case with AEW Dynamite, select wrestlers and friends are in the (sort of) socially distanced audience. Dash Kuret filled in for Justin Roberts as ring announcer. Most notably in the audience tonight: former WWE personality Vickie Guerrero and UFC legend Vitor Belfort! Big Swole needs to be in the audience all the time too. Great energy.

Number One Contenders Match for AEW World Tag Team Title Shot: The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent) defeated Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) to earn a tag title shot. Private Party paid tribute to the late Shad Gaspard and Cryme Tyme with the G9 double team movie. Best Friends got the win with the Strong Zero double foot stomp slam.

Casino ladder match for AEW World Title shot: Brian Cage (with Taz) def. Darby Allin, Colt Cabana, Orange Cassidy, Joey Janela, Scorpio Sky, Kip Sabian, Frankie Kazarian, and Luchasaurus. Cage grabbed the giant poker chip. Tons of risks here. Brian Cage makes his official AEW debut with Taz as his manager. Orange Cassidy tried and failed to chokeslam Luchasaurus. Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus (with a mini ladder) double choke slammed Orange Cassidy for his troubles.

Darby Allin might have been the match MVP and craziest person on the planet tonight. Allin took several nasty bumps including getting gorilla pressed by Cage with a ladder out of the ring and diving off a ladder threw another for his patented flying skateboard stomp. The latter looked like his destroyed his knee. Hell of an effort by all involved, but getting injured during a pandemic seems like a bad idea.

MJF – Maxwell Jacob Friedman (with Wardlow) defeated Jungle Boy. Excellent old school match with a few modern spots thrown in like the Jungle Boy Canadian Destroyer, reverse hurricarana on the apron, and an outside dive. The reverse rana might have been a bit much. MJF pretended to injure his knee to start the match only to attack Jungle Boy from behind. Lots of counters and nearfalls.

You could make the argument Jungle Boy is overdue for a signature win, but a hell of an effort nonetheless. Jungle Boy was presented at MJF’s level as opposed to the underdog. MJF worked on Jungle Boy’s arm throughout the match with dirty heel tactics including “accidentally” stumbling referee Aubrey Edwards into the ropes to crotch Jungle Boy. MJF got the pin with a modified European clutch pin per Excalibur. Excellent match.

Tournament final for the AEW TNT Championship presented by “Iron” Mike Tyson: Cody Rhodes (with Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes) defeated Lance Archer (with Jake Roberts) to become the first-ever TNT Champion. The TNT title belt is getting a polarizing fan reaction to say the least. JR mentioned due to social distancing measures, AEW was unable to add additional plates and will soon.

Solid match, but the lack of crowd hurt this. We’ve seen far too many segments in AEW where Arn Anderson or another manager gets tossed out of ringside. Mike Tyson’s reactions ranged for excited to bored to visibly yawning. Archer dominated a good chunk of this match. Rhodes got the win with back-to-back Cross Rhodes after a brief distraction from Tyson, who looks phenomenal for any age.

Kris Statlander defeated Penelope Ford (with Kip Sabian). Short, but hard worked match. Statlander booped Vitor Belfort and Dan Lambert at ringside. That is such a 2020 line…

Britt Baker was ruled out of Double or Nothing and action for the foreseeable future due to a knee injury suffered at Dynamite. AEW’s Dr. Michael Samson confirmed Baker has ligament and tendon tears, along with a fracture. Sampson comically said those injuries are not as bad as the patient and Baker will address fans on her status this Wednesday on Dynamite.

Dustin Rhodes def. Shawn Spears. Spears was attacked from behind by Rhodes after insulting his family. Rhodes stripped Spears to his underwear (with a picture of Tully Blanchard…) and pinned him with his Final Reckoning finisher. Dustin celebrated with sister-in-law Brandi Rhodes.

AEW pays tribute to Hana Kimura before the women’s title match.

No Disqualification AEW Women’s Championship Match: Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose to win the AEW Women’s Title. Awesome match. Nyla is the only woman to pin Shida in 2020 so far. This started out real physical. Nyla slams Shida through the makeshift gambling table outside and scares Billy Gunn. Nyla had possession of Shida’s kendo stick and beat her with a steel chair. Shida reversed the Beast Bomb with a hurricarana, but fails at the suplex attempt.

They brawled outside. Shida hip tossed Nyla onto the giant poker chips on the Double or Nothing set and hits a running knee. Shida finally gets back her kendo stick and used it accordingly. Nyla still kicks out. Shida gets hung up in the middle of the ring on the top rope and is hit with a diving Nyla knee. Shida kept kicking out. Nyla went up top, but is stopped by Shida’s kendo stick throw. Shida hits a superplex, but Nyla kicks out.

Shida hit a forearm and running knee. Nyla still kicks out. Shida broke the kendo stick across Nyla and hit one more running knee for the win!

The announcers put over Shida and talk about how great this moment is, especially during a heartbreaking week in wrestling. I thoroughly appreciated the AEW team not shying away from discussing the pandemic and tragic cyberbullying that led to Kimura’s passing. They also mentioned how everyone has been tested for COVID-19 throughout the show. Unlike WWE, AEW is not pretending everything is normal and is being there for the fans.

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) defeated Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) of The Dark Order. This was a big spot for Lee who was given up on by WWE just a few months ago. Lee came out with Mox’s stolen AEW World Title belt. Hard hitting, physical, awesome match. Suplexes through ringside tables. Double dropkicks. Paradigm Shift DDT by Moxley through the ramp. Lee was busted open and caught in a Bulldog Choke. Referee stopped the match before Lee could completely pass out.

Stadium Stampede match at the empty Jacksonville Jaguars’ TIAA Bank Field: Broken Matt Hardy and The Elite (Adam Page, Kenny Omega, Young Bucks – Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz). An incredibly entertaining, insane, fantastic main event. This blew away WWE’s cinematic matches other than the Boneyard Match. This was immediately awesome with each wrestler introduced individually with NFL style entrances, complete with fire, pyro, music, and even Jags cheerleaders (with face masks)! Hangman Adam Page chased Guevara across the field and backstage ON A HORSE.

Both teams met at the 50 yard line outside of the ring with weapons in tow. Matt Jackson had his ribs taped up. Guevera in a big shooting star press on the outside. Moonsault by Matt Jackson off the goalposts! Omega and Hardy have a hockey style brawl with Hager, Santana, and Ortiz in the crowd. Meanwhile, Hangman and HIS HORSE roamed backstage for Guevara.

Omega was powerbombed by Ortiz and Santana through one of the concourse tables. Hardy thrown into the shallow pool. Ortiz and Santana tried to suffocate Hardy who became resurrected as Matt Hardy Version One in full V1 2003 gear! With the V1 graphics! Turns out that was water from the Lake of Reincarnation or something! Ortiz struggled to get out of the shallow pool because he can’t swim. Hardy enacts revenge for the death of his drone Vanguard One. Hardy backdrops Santana on top of Ortiz through a table! Hardy tolls the giant bell for Ortiz and tapes him to a wheelchair.

Hardy throws Santana in the freezer. Hangman is at the bar casually drinking. Hager joins him and they brawl after a sip of whiskey. Hager hits Hangman with a pool stick. Hangman flips off the bar and pool table, but is caught and slammed by Hager. Hager drags Hangman across the bar Hollywood fight style and hits a gutwrench powerbomb through a table for the two count. Omega came to Hangman’s aid and hits a knee. Buckshot Lariat by Hangman on Hager sends him over the bar. Omega drinks a shot of milk and whiskey.

Back to the field, Matt Jackson and Guevara are countering everything in the book. Jackson hits three consecutive Northern Lights suplexes. Jericho and Nick Jackson brawl on sideline. Jericho hits Nick Jackson with the chains. Jericho screams at Nick Jackson with the megaphone, only to get hit with it. Nick Jackson found a bag of footballs and threw at at Jericho’s groin. Jags mascot Jaxson Deville gets hit with Jericho’s Judas Effect. Jericho mocks Nick Jackson with a cone, only to get superkicked into the kicker’s net. Matt Jackson did rolling Northern Lights suplexes across the field!

Jericho gets a two count on Jackson and challenges the play. Ref Aubrey Edwards goes to the booth to review the play. The ruling stands! Two count! Matt Jackson suplexes Guevara into the end zone, but gets flagged for excessive celebrating by the male ref. Ref gets superkicked. Jericho attacks Nick Jackson with a bat named Floyd, but is stopped by Matt Jackson.

Matt Jackson puts Jericho on a table as Nick Jackson runs up and down the stadium steps for a frog splash. Hangman paints a line across Jericho’s body. Guevera is crawling to safety across the field, but sets off the sprinklers. Guevera thought he won, but was wrong and greeted by Hardy’d golf cart! Guevera runs off into the stands. Hardy brawls with Guevara in the stands, but is distracted by Hardy’s new drone NEO-1! Omega hits a massive One Winged Angle from the stadium seats all the way down to the field level platform. Omega pinned Guevaras to win! We even got the celebratory Gatorade bath!

Overall, an excellent AEW PPV that was much needed for every wrestling fan.

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