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Washington Nationals manager Dave Martinez chats with baseball media about the 60 game 2020 MLB season, the Nats trying to repeat as World Series Champions, pitcher Stephen Strasburg, the risks of playing during the COVID-19 pandemic, free agency, and much more! Footage courtesy of and provided by MLB Advanced Media and Washington Nationals.

Washington Nationals Manager Dave Martinez Press Conference

Time Stamps:

  • 00:01 Dave Martinez on pitcher Stephen Strasburg
  • 01:20 Dave Martinez on catcher Kurt Suzuki Dave Martinez on infielder Jake Noll 02:14 Dave Martinez on 2020 MLB season, confidence level in Commissioner Rob Manfred’s protocols
  • 03:25 Nationals players social distancing off the field
  • 04:11 Nats’ fifth starting pitcher
  • 05:53 Lack of spring training
  • 07:41 Dave Martinez on outfielder Adam Eaton
  • 08:39 Free agency, players opting out
  • 10:17 Pitchers no longer hitting in National League
  • 11:25 Dave Martinez on DH position – Designated Hitter
  • 12:35 Dave Martinez on NL East vs. AL East
  • 13:07 Shortened season, MLB playoff races
  • 13:48 Dave Martinez on Nats, MLB piping in crowd noise

Fast Facts About Washington Nationals Manager Dave Martinez:

  • 2019 World Series Champion manager with Nats
  • 2016 World Series Champion with Chicago Cubs (assistant coach)
  • 175–149 Major League Baseball managerial record
  • Former MLB outfielder (1986-2011) with Chicago Cubs, Montreal Expos, Cincinnati Reds, Toronto Blue Jays, Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Tampa Bay Rays), San Francisco Giants, Chicago White Sox

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