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Tom Brady Super Bowl LV Press Conference! Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady discusses his record 10th Super Bowl appearance, the greatness of Patrick Mahomes, his legendary New England Patriots career, Pats head coach Bill Belichick’s influence, Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich’s playcalling, head coach Bruce Arians’ “no risk it, no biscuit” mentality, his controversial support for twice impeached former President/insurrectionist Donald Trump, Shannon Sharpe’s comments on FS1, not aging, retirement, family, his incredible football life, and TB12 method.

Plus: Brady catches up with 2007 New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora! Footage courtesy of and provided by NFL Communications and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tom Brady Super Bowl Press Conference Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Tom Brady on Byron Leftwich
  • 01:41 Tom Brady on Michael Jordan, seven rings
  • 02:56 Tom Brady on football life, sacrifices
  • 05:07 Tom Brady on playing at 43, young QBs following his footsteps
  • 06:11 Tom Brady on Bucs offensive consultant Tom Moore
  • 07:06 Tom Brady on Bruce Arians, no risk it no biscuit
  • 07:59 Tom Brady on being addicted to success, retirement
  • 10:54 Tom Brady on 2007 New York Giants, Osi Umenyiora
  • 11:35 Tom Brady on Giants, Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo
  • 13:28 Tom Brady on Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu
  • 15:01 Tom Brady on first Super Bowl with New England Patriots, success
  • 17:13 Tom Brady on Bill Belichick
  • 18:00 Tom Brady’s advice to his younger self
  • 19:28 Tom Brady on 2020
  • 21:07 Tom Brady on retirement
  • 22:00 Tom Brady on Bucs being underdogs
  • 23:21 Tom Brady on Patrick Mahomes
  • 25:25 Tom Brady on Donald Trump, Shannon Sharpe
  • 26:23 Tom Brady on Bruce Arians
  • 28:06 Tom Brady on Buccaneers offensive line
  • 29:46 Tom Brady on family, children
  • 31:30 Tom Brady on Super Bowl LV prep
  • 33:21 Tom Brady on playing at home, Raymond James Stadium
  • 34:24 Tom Brady on Patrick Mahomes’ development
  • 36:22 Tom Brady on Kansas City Chiefs
  • 37:33 Tom Brady on playing past age 45
  • 38:56 Tom Brady on how hard it is to repeat as Super Bowl champions
  • 40:08 Tom Brady on Patrick Mahomes’ skillset

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