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About Super Bowl LV Postgame Press Conference: Day After Super Bowl 55 interview with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and five-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady and head coach Bruce Arians, who discuss the Bucs handily defeating Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs for the Bucs’ first title since 2003! Plus: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell congratulates TB12, Coach Arians, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization!

Watch below or scroll down to listen to the audio version on SoundCloud and wherever you get your podcasts!

Tom Brady officially has seven rings. Rob Gronkowski has four. Bruce Arians finally breaks through. Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich shines. And defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and his fantastic Bucs defense put on an absolute clinic. Footage courtesy of and provided by NFL Communications and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization.

Tom Brady Bruce Arians Press Conference Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Roger Goodell congratulates Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, Bruce Arians
  • 01:36 Bruce Arians on Buccaneers free agents
  • 02:15 Tom Brady on Buccaneers’ overcoming losses
  • 03:59 Bruce Arians on Tom Brady’s impact on Bucs
  • 05:10 Tom Brady on sisters, family, healthcare workers
  • 06:54 Tom Brady on Super Bowl LV celebration, playing at home
  • 07:19 Bruce Arians on Buccaneers offense
  • 08:20 Tom Brady on Buccaneers defense, Todd Bowles
  • 10:11 Bruce Arians on Buccaneers penalties, discipline
  • 11:02 Bruce Arians on making Buccaneers a winning team
  • 12:06 Tom Brady on parents’ recovery from COVID-19, overcoming adversity
  • 13:13 Tom Brady on Mike Evans, Lavonte David, Bucs veterans
  • 14:30 Bruce Arians on Byron Leftwich, play action passing game
  • 15:24 Tom Brady on joining Buccaneers, limited NFL offseason
  • 17:03 Tom Brady on seven rings, seventh Super Bowl title
  • 18:02 Bruce Arians on working with Tom Brady

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