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UPDATE 1/18/21: Los Angeles Chargers name Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley their new head coach, inexplicably passing over Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Los Angeles Rams (11-7) head coach Sean McVay discusses LA being eliminated by Matt LaFleur’s Green Bay Packers (14-3) in the Divisional Round of NFL Playoffs (final score 32-18), whether or not Jared Goff remains his quarterback, running the Wildcat formation with running back Cam Akers, defensive tackle Aaron Donald’s emotions, and the greatness of presumptive 2020 MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Footage courtesy of and provided by the Los Angeles Rams organization and media site.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Sean McVay on Packers eliminating Rams
  • 01:19 Sean McVay on Aaron Donald
  • 02:15 Sean McVay on Rams’ emotional loss
  • 03:33 Sean McVay on Jared Goff
  • 04:31 Sean McVay on Cam Akers, Wildcat
  • 05:05 Sean McVay on Rams defense, defensive coordinator Brandon Staley
  • 07:08 Sean McVay on Aaron Rodgers
  • 07:36 Sean McVay on Wildcat formation
  • 08:19 Is Jared Goff the Rams’ quarterback in 2021?

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