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Los Angeles Rams (9-6) head coach Sean McVay, discusses LA’s 20-9 Week 16 loss to NFC West rivals Seattle Seahawks (11-4), their last game of the season vs. the Arizona Cardinals for a Wildcard spot in the NFL Playoffs, running back Darrell Henderson being placed on IR, and starting former AAF quarterback John Wolford after QB Jared Goff suffered a broken thumb.

Footage courtesy of and provided by the Los Angeles Rams organization and media site.

Sean McVay Press Conference Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Sean McVay on Jared Goff’s thumb injury, OUT Week 17
  • 01:08 Sean McVay on placing RB Darrell Henderson on IR
  • 01:20 Sean McVay on starting QB John Wolford
  • 01:45 Sean McVay on Cam Akers’ availability
  • 02:06 Sean McVay on John Wolford
  • 02:58 Sean McVay on Jared Goff injury
  • 04:40 Sean McVay on backup QB Bryce Perkins
  • 05:03 Sean McVay on why Rams signed John Wolford
  • 05:42 Sean McVay on Rams offensive line
  • 06:40 Sean McVay on Rams running game
  • 07:09 Sean McVay on Rams RB Malcolm Brown
  • 07:47 Sean McVay on John Wolford’s success at Wake Forest
  • 08:56 Sean McVay on John Wolford’s football IQ
  • 09:46 Sean McVay on Rams’ running back depth
  • 10:43 Sean McVay on Rams vs. Cardinals for Wild Card spot
  • 12:16 Sean McVay on Jared Goff’s return
  • 13:19 Sean McVay on offensive tackle Rob Havenstein
  • 13:33 Sean McVay on NFL Playoffs, Rams’ morale
  • 15:10 Sean McVay on John Wolford in Rams practice
  • 16:33 Sean McVay on four active QBs, Blake Bortles
  • 17:52 Sean McVay on OT Andrew Whitworth
  • 18:13 Sean McVay on 2020 NFL season’s challenges

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