About This Sports Courier NFL Postgame Video: Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr discusses his team’s huge upset win over AFC West rival and defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, playing on the road in Arrowhead Stadium, rookie wide receiver Henry Ruggs III’s return, and building a winning culture with head coach Jon Gruden.

Derek Carr Press Conference Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Derek Carr on Jon Gruden, beating Kansas City Chiefs
  • 00:24 Derek Carr on Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs rivalry
  • 02:56 Derek Carr on Raiders teammates, leadership
  • 04:36 Derek Carr on Henry Ruggs III, Raiders wide receivers
  • 05:51 Derek Carr on controlling the game
  • 07:11 Derek Carr on aggressive Raiders offense
  • 08:22 Derek Carr on Raiders fans at Arrowhead Stadium, Raider Nation

Footage courtesy of and provided by the Kansas City Chiefs organization. Courtesy of the Las Vegas Raiders.

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