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TSC News TV host Fred Richani interviews LazRael Lison, director of the hit BET+ romantic comedy “Never and Again” and the new Amazon Prime Video psychological thriller “#Unknown” starring business partner Master P, Denise Boutte, and Hal Ozsan! LazRael discusses “#Unknown,” working with Master P and Romeo Miller, founding Summer House Pictures, the success of “Never and Again,” and what viewers can expect just in time for Halloween!

#Unknown Director LazRael Lison on Working with Master P, Never And Again

LazRael Lison Interview Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 LazRael Lison on Never and Again, #Unknown films
  • 03:06 LazRael Lison on working with Master P, Romeo Miller
  • 05:28 Summer House Pictures, Having a great team
  • 08:10 #Unknown film composer Harold Squire
  • 10:03 Filming #Unknown during pandemic
  • 10:50 LazRael Lison on getting into filmmaking
  • 12:55 LazRael Lison on independent films
  • 14:20 Favorite snack?
  • 15:00 LazRael Lison’s most awkward moment in film
  • 16:50 LazRael Lison’s filmography
  • 18:03 LazRael Lison’s advice for success
  • 20:54 Watch #Unknown on Amazon Prime Video

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